Experience the best of Cambodia’s wildlife and wild places

Pioneers in conservation ecotourism


Experience the best of Cambodia’s wildlife and wild places

Pioneers in conservation ecotourism

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Full Day

Ang Trapaeng Thmor Sarus Crane Adventure

ATT is a vitally important place for Sarus Cranes, the tallest and most elegant of Cambodia’s waterbirds. Between January and the end of March we see up to 350 of these majestic birds as they forage.

Multiple Days

Critical Cambodia

Cambodia is the last stronghold of a set of magnificent birds that are now so globally rare they are considered Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List. This tour is a superb opportunity ...

Multiple Days

Cambodia Birding SuperTour 2018

The now legendary SVC Birding SuperTour is back for 2018! This tour is a totally unique chance to go after all Cambodia’s critically endangered, endangered and endemic species and diversity of habitats.

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Keo Seima

Endangered Primate Forest Trekking

Experience a day of rainforest trekking following the elusive endangered Yellow-cheeked Crested Gibbons and Black-Shanked Douc Langurs through the core of the conservation reserve, spotting unique wildlife ...

Siem Reap Tonle Sap & Northen Plains

Wild Siem Reap

Discover the incredible variety of habitats and wildlife around the Siem Reap area, the from protected wetlands of Ang Trapaeng Thmor, home to hundreds of majestic Sarus Cranes and endangered Eld’s Deer ...

Siem Reap Tonle Sap & Northen Plains

Wild Temples and Remote North

Travel from mysterious outlying temples teeming with birds and butterflies, to the heart of the remote Kulen Prontep Wildlife Sanctuary. This unique short tour uncovers sights few get to see.

Meet your Guides

SVC is a family and our guides are the heart of the organisation. Since SVC started running tours in 2006 we have trained up a team of world class Cambodian specialist birding and wildlife guides. SVC guides are passionate and dedicated conservationists as well as guides…

What is the experience of travelling with us?

It is unparalleled access and insight to Cambodia’s most unique and important wildlife and birding sites. It’s travelling with Cambodia’s most highly trained and skilled birding and wildlife guides – expert spotters with deep knowledge of the nature and cultures you’ll experience. It’s the opportunity to sleep in an ecolodge on the banks of an ancient reservoir, or a safari camp deep in a wildlife sanctuary – with no other tourist in sight.

See Cambodia differently whilst being a ‘conservation traveler, get off the beaten track and into the real wild Cambodia, whether you are an experienced birder, a passionate wildlife traveler, or an adventurous nature lover.

We create bespoke private birding and wildlife tours, from one day to 21 days, traveling from Siem Reap and across the Northern Plains of Prey Vihear, to the evergreen forests of Seima and the Southern regions of Cambodia.

Our tours are tailor-made – the itineraries shown are suggestions based on our deep knowledge, or we can work with you to create your trip for your unique requirements, interests, and capabilities.

Expert and local

We are a Cambodian organization with over 14 years of experience in wildlife and conservation work. We spend six months every year training our 12 passionate, English-speaking Cambodian guides in birding and wildlife-viewing skills. We work with local guides in the rural areas taking you to places which are beyond reach to others, with the best chance to see key species.

Conservation and responsible travel

From one day to 21 days travelling throughout Cambodia, all our tours are tailor-made to your own unique requirements and interests.

Custom Made

From 1 day to 25 days travelling throughout Cambodia, all our tours are tailor-made to your own unique requirements and interests.

Unique Access

Our conservation work and partnership with WCS Cambodia gives us unique access to some of Cambodia’s most remote and rare habitats in protected areas where critically endangered birds and wildlife are found.


Still little known as a destination for wildlife watching, Cambodia has an incredible variety of rare habitats and species, many critically endangered. In several of the locations we visit and stay, there will be no one else, a truly unique and magical nature experience.

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