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Travel from heritage Siem Reap to a protected wetlands reserve then on to the heart of the remote Kulen Promtep Wildlife Sanctuary in the dry forests of the Northern Plains, by an ancient reservoir. Spot flocks of 300 mighty Sarus Cranes, critically-endangered Eld’s Deer and Giant Ibis, experience traditional silk weaving, learn how to tap rubber with the community by the ruins of mighty Angkorian temples.

Deep in the Kulen Prontep Wildlife Sanctuary is Prey Veng – this incredible and remote location is visited by very few, and the our Community ecolodge is nestled on the bank of a 12th-century ‘Baray’ (Reservoir), which is still at the heart of community life. The journey is 3-4 hours, and in the glorious ‘green season,’ the last leg is via traditional oxcart. The site is just 300m from an Angkorian ‘Hermits House’ ruined temple, and is rich in endangered birds, butterflies and dragonflies.
Your journey back to Siem Reap takes us to the spectactular Beng Mealea temple, an outlying temple complex thought to be the blue-print for Angkor Wat – a beautiful and mysterious forest location.

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When to go

The cooler dry season between November and March make it easier to access the sites, and January to May are best for Sarus Cranes and Eld’s Deer, but the vivid green beauty of the wetter seasons make this tour remarkable all year round. During rainy season, Prey Veng comes to life and access is by ox cart!

Habitats & Species

Find out more about key species, habitats and seasons on this tour. Angkor Wat Ang Trapaeng Thmor Prey Veng Koh ker & Beng Mealea

Sam Veasna Center was great! They provide an English speaking guide and a driver to take us to birding locations. We did not have to worry about a thing. They picked us up, dropped us off, provided breakfast. We had a great guide who showed us many birds!! I really appreciated that our tourist dollars go directly to conservation. The center pays local residents to protect species and their habitats.  
‘arleeniebird’, San Diego, California


Leaving early from Siem Reap we travel 90 minutes to Ang Trapaeng Thmor Sarus Crane Reserve, a vitally important global site for these elegant, 2m tall endangered waterbirds where we will spend much of the day. We can see up to 350 cranes at a time, along with Black-necked Storks, Greater Spotted Eagles and one of the best locations in the world to see the mighty Eld’s Deer as well as Jackals. We will lunch at the WCS Conservation Station, and can visit the traditional silk village of Phnom Srok, which produces some of the highest quality products in the region. We will return you to your Siem Reap hotel in the evening.

Today we travel to our newest community ecolodge at Prey Veng Village, in the Kulen Prontemp Wildlife Sanctuary.

We will breakfast on the road as we seek some key species, and arrive in time for community-cooked traditional lunch. Head out along the many trails on the hunt for birds, butterflies and wildlife, Spend the late afternoon exploring the nearby lost temple ruins, cycling or trekking round the baray, or simply relax with sundowners on the platform over the reservoir watching the evening wildlife.

How you spend today is up to you. Explore the Baray trails spotting critically endangered birds and wildlife, hike the 12 k to the mountain temples, or take a boat out when water levels permit. There is also the chance to get involved with community conservation work at certain times — species monitoring or forest patrols, all the while learning about traditional rubber tapping in the community forest, or hear about the grow of our wildlife-friendly Ibis Rice.

After early morning wildlife spotting and breakfast we return to Siem Reap, stopping at Beng Melea, a spectacular jungle-temple ruin. This site has only recently been de-mined and it has a very authentic feel – it is said to be the template for Angkor Wat.

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Full Day

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