Supplementary Feeding Programme For Critically Endangered Vulture Species In The Northern Plains

SVC funds Chhep Wildlife Sanctuary Vulture Restaurant

There are three critically endangered vulture species in cambodia – white-rumped, red-headed and slender-billed vultures. The fact that cambodia still has populations of these vultures shows the success of this and other supplementary feeding programs.

There are many causes for the rapid and dramatic decline in the species in the Indian sub-continent, including habitat loss, loss of wildlife species which would have made up their main diet, poisoning and veterinary use of the drug diclofenac, which is readily administered to sick livestock and is highly toxic to many vulture species. SVC supports each year the now iconic Vulture Restaurant in Chhep Wildlife Sanctuary.

All three of Cambodia’s vulture species are listed as “Critically Endangered” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

The community is paid to provide cattle to use for the feeding program, which also brings additional revenue to the village. It is not uncommon to see over 80 Critically Endangered Vultures feeding at this site alongside Golden Jackal and Dhole.

  • Latest census information has revealed that the vulture populations are increasing in Cambodia.
  • Researchers report that record numbers of vultures have been counted in Cambodia’s annual vulture census, with 296 birds of three species found at multiple sites across the Northern and Eastern Plains of Cambodia.
  • The record count means that Cambodia is home to the only increasing population of vultures in Asia.
  • Specifically, the census indicates that the population of White-rumped Vultures is increasing; populations of Red-headed and Slender billed Vultures were found to be stable.

(The census was conducted by the Cambodia Vulture Conservation Project, a partnership of conservationists led by WCS.)

Nest Protection in Cambodia’s Northern Plains

SVC funds each year money in order to support major bird nest protection program in Preah Vihear. Since 2015, SVC has been working with Wildlife Conservation Society Cambodia (WCS) on this vital project to protect large critically-endangered birds.

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