BeTreed Adventures in Preah Vihear Province is one of SVC’s unique partners. Working closely with the local community, they have developed a unique destination for the off-the-beaten-path travellers, nature seekers and adventurers in a small part of wild Cambodia. They are about three hours travel time from Siem Reap town and centred between Koh Ker and Preah Khan of Kompong Svay temples.

BeTreed Adventures is working on the frontline to protect 6,400 hectares of Cambodian’s “savannah” land, or dry dipterocarp forest. Through visiting, you will support these conservation efforts, encouraging the will of the people to preserve and protect their forest as they realise that conservation can provide a tangible and immediate benefit to them.

Here you can experience raw nature and find yourself finally away from the madding crowds of Cambodia. It is home to endangered and threatened species of Cambodian wildlife: banteng (wild cow), pileated gibbons, silver langurs, barking deer, sambar deer and many species of birdlife. And you might be lucky enough to see these special creatures. You can also explore Angkorian era “cave-temples”, and the quarries where the ancients carved out their stone. And specially constructed for the adventurous, our pair of 300 metre ziplines traversing a saddle of the mountain provides panoramic views of the surrounding forest.




Green Peafowl, Great Slaty Woodpecker, Rufous-bellied Woodpecker, Black-headed Woodpecker, Brown Prinia, Indochinese Bushlark, White-rumped Pygmy Falcon, Blue-winged Pitta, White-browed Fantail, Rufous-winged Buzzard


Banteng, Sambar, Muntjac, Pileated Gibbon, Silver Langur, Gaur


The Common Bluebottle, The Blue Jay, The Fivebar Swordtail, The Common Grass Yellow, The Tree Yellow, Common Tiger, The Striped Black Crow, The Blue Spotted Butterfly, The Blue Pansy, The Peacock Pansy, The Leopard Lacewing, The Yamfly, The Great Mormon, The Blue Helen.



Most the species are resident all year round and it’s a stunning location interesting at all times. Access in rainy season (May – August) can be challenging, but usually manageable and for nature lovers in particular, the wetter times of the year are beautiful and rich with rich butterflies, dragonflies and the mammals are always present!


DDF, Semi-evergreen forest, riverine, trapeang and hill.


Multiple Days

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