“We passionately believe in the power of tourism as a tool for wildlife conservation and sustainable development for communities in Cambodia”


“We passionately believe in the power of tourism as a tool for wildlife conservation and sustainable development for communities in Cambodia”

SVC runs birding and wildlife viewing trips with unique access to Wildlife Conservation Society sites across Cambodia.
Our mission is to sustain Cambodia’s wildlife and communities through ecotourism.
Our tours are designed to show you the best of birding, wildlife and nature, the real places of Cambodia. We take you places that are `off the beaten track’ in wildlife sanctuaries and protected areas as well as the more famous `must-see’ destinations. We introduce you to local people and their cultures, and the result is a birding and wildlife experience that is unique, varied, exhilarating, relaxing and fulfilling, leaving you with a clear conscience.

History, Mission and Governance

Established in 2003 in memory of pioneering Cambodian Conservationist Sam Veasna, we were registered as a local NGO with the Ministry of Interior in 2006. We provide an alternative sustainable livelihood from ecotourism for the local communities at the sites that WCS prioritizes for conservation. In return for the income and employment received they are asked to sign no-hunting and land-use agreements, which are monitored by Ministry of Environment and the forestry patrol teams advised by WCS.

We are a Non-Profit Organization. Any net earnings from providing ecotourism services are invested into conservation projects and the local communities for development projects in return for good environmental stewardship. We believe that it is necessary to provide alternative livelihoods in order to achieve sustainable conservation. By choosing to see Cambodia’s spectacular wildlife with us you are giving local communities those alternatives.

The Center’s original mission was broad: to promote wildlife conservation awareness and education in Northern Cambodia. As SVC has grown, it has become involved in education and capacity building, working in remote protected areas. Today the main objective of SVC is to provide local communities with a sustainable livelihood from international tourists who visit these sites for birding and wildlife watching. This award-winning approach was pioneered in Northern Cambodia at Tmatboey and has since been expanded to eight communities across Northern and Eastern Cambodia.

Expert and local

We are a Cambodian organization with over 13 years of experience in wildlife and conservation work. We spend six month every year training our 12 passionate, English-speaking Cambodian guides and trainees in birding and wildlife-viewing skills. We work with local guides in the rural areas taking you to places which are beyond reach to others, presenting you with the best chance to see key species.

Conservation and responsible travel

Our work delivers essential conservation through community-based ecotourism and provides sustainable livelihoods to local communities. We partner with WCS Cambodia and the Royal Cambodian Government in the protected areas, and our work has been awarded globally as a model of successful conservation.

Custom Made

From one day to 25 days travelling throughout Cambodia, all our tours are tailor-made to your own unique requirements and interests.

Unique Access

Our conservation work and partnership with WCS Cambodia gives us unique access to some of Cambodia’s most remote and rare habitats in Wildlife Sanctuaries and Protected Forests, to provide you with the best chance to see critically endangered birds and wildlife.


Still little known as a destination for wildlife watching, Cambodia has an incredible variety of rare habitats and species, many critically endangered. In several of the locations we visit and stay, there will be no one else, a truly unique and magical nature experience.

About Mr Sam Veasna

Sam Veasna was a pioneering Cambodian naturalist who tragically died of malaria in 1999 aged 33 while surveying the Northern Plains of Cambodia for the now extinct Kouprey. During his short life he was responsible for discovering and cataloging many of the most important sites for conservation in Northern Cambodia, including the discovery of large numbers of Sarus Crane at Ang Trapaeng Thmor. The Sam Veasna Center for Wildlife Conservation was set up in his memory to promote conservation throughout Cambodia and find ways to continue his work protecting the endangered species of the country.


In 2016 SVC won Gold Medal at The World Responsible Tourism Awards for Best Contribution to Wildlife Conservation. This was a huge honour and recognition of our work on a global stage, and we are enormously proud. Over the years we have received a number of awards for both our conservation and community efforts, as well as for our service and experience. A few are shown here.

Ecotourism & Conservation Partners



SVC have been featured in many local, regional and international media over the years, just a few are below, and we’ve got some amazing new ones coming soon so do check back. We have also been key contributors to major wildlife films and documentaries by BBC, Animal Planet, Fauna in Focus, Antidote Productions and more which will be viewable soon via our Youtube channel.

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We are Wildlife Conservation Society – Cambodia Program’s Ecotourism Partner, working closely alongside them. We are also partners to the 8 communities we work with around Cambodia, as well as the Royal Government of Cambodia and Ministry of Environment in the Protected areas. This partner approach extends to other conservation organisations and the key operators that we work with to support conservation, community and effective ecotourism in Cambodia.

Key Partnerships

Official Optics Partner

2017 we entered into a new partnership with Swarovski Optik to support our guides with the very best equipment in the world. This valuable relationship will enable our guides’ skills to develop exponentially and with best in class scopes give our clients the best chance to spot species.

Other Conservation and Organisation Partners

Oriental Bird Club

Ground Operator for the World’s best Bird Tour Operators

Just a few of whom are noted below!
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Rockjumper Birding
Field Guides
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