BIRD ROUTES Okoki White Winged Duck Site

The remote location of Okoki approx.15 km from the Laos PDR border has ensured the pristine nature of the DDF and mixed evergreen forest and diversity of birds and mammals.

Along the watercourses the bird watching is challenging and previously unrecorded species are regularly spotted by SVC groups.

At both the Vulture Restaurant and Okoki SVC organises temporary but comfortable ‘safari style’ tented accommodation and washing facilities, a cook travels with the group.
Local guides work with the SVC visitor group guide under the strict supervision of the WCS rangers. The Vulture Restaurant and Okoki are only accessible during the Cambodian dry season, from December through to May.


Coral-billed Ground Cuckoo photo Peter Ericcson

White-rumped Falcon photo James Eaton