BIRD ROUTES Mekong Wagtail and Irrawaddy Dolphin

Irrawaddy Dolpin

Kratie is usually visited after the Seima Protected Forest and takes a couple of hours to reach so the afternoon is usually spent on a boat trip at the Kampi Pools about 15km North of Kratie, where the Mekong has scoured out deep pools which provide a feeding and breeding area for the Irrawaddy Dolphin and a site for the Mekong Wagtail and other riverine species such as the River Lapwing and Small Pranticole.

Before setting off for the long drive back to Siem Reap birding in rice paddy and scrub around Kratie should spot Asian Golden and Streaked Weavers.

Accommodation in Kratie is in clean aircon rooms with ensuite bathrooms, Western and Khmer food is available.

Asian-golden Weaver

Small Pratincole